The Board of Trustees of The Salt Queen Foundation is delighted to announce the finalists
IN THE NAME OF SALT competition, a musical-artistic celebration of Bettina Werner's
twenty years of creating with salt.

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5. David Derwis: Molecule Salt Sound

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US: Janice Friedman (New York): Guardian of Crystals
EUROPE: DJ Eyes (Italy): Salt Dance

US: Sarah Nagourney & Sam Bisbee (New York): Salt EUROPE: John Ian (Germany): Salt

Phil Madeira US: Salt of the Earth

David Derwis & Stephan Schupbach
(Germany): Molecule Salt Sound

US: David Baird aka Stock: Salt
EUROPE: Frank Johnny Schuetten (Austria): Salt

Deepak Kumar Pareek (India): Moray Avugoon
"what a great collection of interesting material, and so hard to separate and judge - like saying you prefer steak to chocolate..."
- John Altman
1. David Baird aka Stock US: Salt
2. Antonio Baldassarre Italy: Trapani d’oriente
3. Roberto Bassetti & Barbara Ferrara Italy: Hidden Salt
4. Giada De Gioia & Massimo Greco Italy: Grain of Salt
5. David Derwis & Stephan Schupbach Germany: Molecule Salt Sound
6. DJ Eyes Italy: The Salt Dance
7. Dodo Reale Italy: O conto do sal
8. Figli di Madre ignota Italy: Incantesimi
9. Janice Friedman US: Guardian of Crystals
10. Maria Pierantoni Giua Italy: Sale
11. Deepak Kumar Pareek India: Moray Avugoon
12. John Ian Germany: Salt
13. Simone Lo Porto Italy: Fiume di Sale WINNER
14. Lowtus Germany: Like a Grain of Salt
15. Maddalena Featuring Anecoica Italy: Salt Game
16. Phil Madeira US: Salt of the Earth
17. Roberta Mangiacavalli Italy: Salgestion
18. Sarah Nagourney & Sam Bisbee US: Salt
19. Omnia Elena Giordano Italy: Salt
20. Danilo Radice Italy: La via del sale
21. Mary Remington US: The Dead Sea
22. Frank Johnny Schuetten Austria: Salt
23. Joey Skye England: Water and Salt
24. Francesco Venerucci Italy: In the name of salt

I BELIEVE music acts as a shield, surrounding us with protective energy, since it bathes you in shimmering light that deflects away negativity...just as salt does! There is a connection between painting and music. When I'm painting in the studio, I listen to music and sense the waves of colors emanating with the vibrations, and I believe these waves can be felt by sensitive people. The colors on the canvas are related to the colors in the music, and I think it would be amazing to work listening to music that is inspired by salt."
- Bettina Werner


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The Salt Queen Foundation
T. 212-759-6561

The Salt Queen Foundation would like to thank Fmagazine and LifeGate Radio for their generous support in making the first "In the name of Salt" music competition possible.


To Tibino, my power animal who guided me on each step of this project like a wave of energetic force...
showing me that the love bond we shared is like a leash that keeps him eternally by my side. Even after death

Lifegate Radio
Photos: Mimmo Attademo, Larry Beck, Renzo Spirit Buffalo, Carlo Carra', Erma Estwick, Giobarto, Paolo Grenzi, Cy Karrat, Marcel Loli,
Morgan McGiven,Gianni Franchellucci & Marinella Paolini, Sebastian Piras, Ken Spencer,Frans C.Verhagen
Copyright 2006 The Salt Queen Foundation All Rights Reserved