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In The Name of Salt
Unique International Music Competition
inspired by the essential element of life: Salt

NEW YORK. The Salt Queen Foundation announces an exciting collaboration with Italian Radio Station LifeGate. “IN THE NAME OF SALT,” is a unique competition where songwriters will compete for a grand prize valued at $15,000. All songs will be inspired by the essential element of life: SALT. An international jury comprised of luminaries in various fields will choose the winning entry.

Founded in 2002 in New York, The Salt Queen Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit educational institution. Its goals include the celebration of artists whose free imagination is uniquely expressed through the use of innovative techniques and unusual materials.
Founder and President is Milanese born and New York adopted international artist Bettina Werner, who in the early eighties, invented the textured colorized salt technique which she utilized to create her Salt Artworks. Her work appears in many international museums, galleries as well as private collections, and her Foundation supports the Arts with an annual prize in various disciplines.

“I think it would be amazing to paint while listening to a piece of music that is inspired by salt. I believe music acts as a shield, surrounding us with protective energy, since it bathes you in a shimmering light that deflects away negativity‚ĶJust as salt does!”
Bettina Werner

The Grand Prize is a salt painting by the artist inspired by the winning song, valued at $10,000, a check for $5,000 and the winner(s) song will be played on the website of the Salt Queen Foundation.
LifeGate radio will host a 40 min. special radio program in which the prize winning composition will be played along with the music of the 6 finalists including an interview with the winner.
Award Ceremony will be held in Manhattan *** Saturday, March 31st ***

The Terms and Conditions for submission can be found online at

The deadline for submissions to Lifegate Radio is October 7, 2006.
One of the goals of LifeGate Radio is to diffuse ecologic knowledge to promote the social cultural change with a holistic ethical approach.

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