The Board of Trustees of The Salt Queen Foundation is delighted to announce the second round of finalists
IN THE NAME OF SALT competition, a musical-artistic celebration of Bettina Werner's
twenty years of creating with salt.

24 Finalists will be selected shortly.

Author: David Baird aka "Stock"
Title: Salt

Author: Roberto Baldassarre
Title: trapani d’oriente

Author: Roberto Bassetti & Barbara Ferrara
Title: Hidden Salt

Author: Fabio Bonelli
Title: quella luce dalla dispensa

Author: Alessio Catazzi
Title: When it Comes

Author: Sebastiano D'Augusta
Title: In the Name of Salt Amore mio

Author: Giada De Gioia & Massimo Greco
Title: Grain of Salt

Author: David Derwis & Stephan Schupbach
Title: MoleculeSaltSound

Author: DJ Eyes
Title: The Salt Dance

Author: Dodo Reale
Title: O conto do sal

Author: Maddalena Feat. Anecoica
Title: Salt Game

Author: Figli di madre ignota
Title: incantesimi

Author: Janice Friedman
Title: Guardian of Crystals

Author: Omnia Elena Giordano
Title: Salt

Author: Francesco Giovannangelo
Title: 01 In the name of salt

Author: Gruppo Arcangius
Title: La bambola di sale

Author: Maria Pierantoni Giua
Title: Sale

Author: Michael Guglielmo
Title: Salt of the Sacred Mother Earth

Author: Deepak Kumar Pareek
Title: Moray Avugoon

Author: John Ian
Title: Salt

Author: Simone Lo Porto
Title: Fiume di sale

Author: Lowtus
Title: Like a Grain of Salt

Author: Phil Madeira
Title: Salt of The Earth

Author: Roberta Mangiacavalli
Title: Salgestion

Author: Alberto Milazzo
Title: che cosa vuoi che sia

Author: Andre Murada
Title: Halite

Author: Sarah Nagourney & Sam Bisbee
Title: Salt

Author: 2-Plugged
Title: Salt of Life

Author: Danilo Radice
Title: La via del sale

Author: Mary Remington
Title: The Dead Sea

Author: Frank Johnny Schuetten
Title: Salt

Author: Diego Schiavo
Title: The Hand

Author: Joey Skye
Title: Water and Salt

Author: Torakiki
Title: Body of Water

Author: Francesco Venerucci
Title: 02 in the name of salt

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To Tibino, my power animal who guided me on each step of this project like a wave of energetic force...
showing me that the love bond we shared is like a leash that keeps him eternally by my side. Even after death
Photos: Renzo Spirit Buffalo, Giobarto, Gail Hadani, Timothy Holt, Malena Mazza, Mark Owerko, Lorenzo Vettore, Ike'Ude'
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