"It is as though 3000 souls called upon the artists to marshal their creative forces to rebuild the neighborhood with a new strength. It's a fertile, blessed, and blossoming area... I'm in love with Manhattan and with my new loft, facing the NY Stock exchange, in the newly renovated Philippe Starck Building ... I'm thrilled to be a New Yorker and part of this community full of energy and vitality. Lower Manhattan is the most stirring, rousing and inspiring place to live right now... a true Liveliness and forcefulness on Wall Street!"

Bettina Werner
Manhattan by 2011

  DJ Eyes, The Salt Dance, 2nd prize winner "In The Name of Salt"

Liveliness sparkle on Wall Street :

"I always welcome new people to join the immense network of friends attending my private home,
I like to open my loft to blend art & life together: a gathering of successful people from different backgrounds and interests"

  Black Card Circle® Launch NY 09-09-09
  The Salt Queen at
Young Wall Street
Art Collectors with
the Queen of Salt
Bettina Werner
on Wall Street
  Supper Club &
American Friends of
The LOUVRE with
The Salt Queen
  Celebration with
the cast of STITCHING
  The Chakra
Art Collection
  The Art of Love
St. Valentine
"In the Name of Salt"
Private Award Ceremony
Dinner with
the Queen of Salt
Marina Pignatelli
from Rome and
her friends
Art Collectors with the Queen of Salt

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